K. C. Vijayan, 9 Mar 05

1995 : Got help from church to pay off $100,000 in gambling debts
2004 : Chalked up $4,000 in debt after trip to Genting casino during family holiday
2005 : Began asking friends and neighbours to lend him money last week

TEN years ago, Mr Simon Lee, the man found dead at the foot of a block of flats on Monday, got help from a community church to pay off $100,000 in gambling debts.

It took him three years and many hours of overtime, but he finally cleared the debt.

For about seven years after that, Mr Lee steered clear of trouble. Then, on a family holiday to Genting Highlands in December last year, everything began to fall apart.

The trip triggered a series of events that could have led to Monday’s tragedy, in which Mr Lee’s wife and two children were found dead in their Tampines flat.

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