Session 3 was an unprecedented event at Na. Instead of delivering a message/sermon, Al Mohler conducted the first ever Na Q&A session. Scores of people flocked to the two floor microphones in hopes making it through the line and asking Dr. Mohler their questions about the Bible.
Below I’ve listed each question that was asked of Mohler and at the bottom of this post I’ve listed a few statements made by Mohler that I found especially noteworthy. To get Mohler’s answers to each question (and to get the full context of the quotations I’ve provided below) you’ll need to listen to the audio–Mohler’s answers were far too thorough and lengthy, and he speaks so fast, that I didn’t even attempt to record his answers.

1. What makes the Bible distinct from other religious books that claim to have divine authority (the Koran, etc.)?

2. How did the books of the Bible get selected and why were others omitted (the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Judas, etc.)?

3. What are you thoughts about the inspiration and authority of sections of Scripture like John 7:53-8:11 and the longer ending of the book of Mark?

4. How do we as Christians interpret and apply the OT law today?

5. How do you handle the idea expressed by some that the Bible is authoritative and reliable, but not “inerrant”?

6. Should we be wary of postmodern ideas and their impact on the church?

7. How do I share the doctrines of grace and handle fellowship with my friends who are semi-Pelagian in their theology?

8. For the Christian, what role should the Word of God play in our artistic and creative endeavors? And, for the Christian, what role should our artistic and creative endeavors play in the culture at large?

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