Here are six points from Iain Murray directed especially at young(ish!) ministers:

  1. It has been the practice for many ministers to be away from the routine and to look closely at our lives in the light of eternity. This is a valuable practice—taking a day per month or a few days per year.
    2. Watch your own temperament. If you love being out and about you probably need to be in your study more; if you love to be in your study you may need to be out and about more.
    3. Read the best books and only the best and read them with a pencil in your hand or with some other system so you can recall even years later what you’ve learned.
    4. Be sure you do not let emails and web sites control your priorities.
    5. We need very carefully to avoid losing time on controversies. Sometimes it is necessary but most often it is not.
    6. Do not “see” in your churches what you cannot change. In most churches there are things we’d like to see changed but that we can’t change. Sometimes it is good not to see such things—to just ignore them. It is better not to see a disputable matter that can disrupt the whole church.

    Read Iain Murray’s whole sermon entitled “Our Present Needs” presented at Banner of Truth Conference III here.

  • Our need for less self confidence
  • Our need of increased and persevering faith in God
  • Our need for guidance on the best use of our time
  • The need to pray for a great awakening