by Michael Mckinley, 9Marks
23 Jul 2008
A rough transcript from a 13/07/08 broadcast —

Now, I’m going to say something controversial, but the truth is controversial all by itself… you’ve got to be careful who you let preach to you. Listen, I’m very selective who preaches to me… some guy can get up and preach something that he really believes, but it’s just not in the Bible. If I receive what he said, then that’s going to become a part of my life and then all of the sudden I’m going down a dead end road because I received something that wasn’t even scriptural in the first place… you’ve got to check out who’s doing the feeding, because I’m opening my life up, I’m opening the ground of my life up to somebody’s seed.

I’m going to tell you something. Based on who you’re getting fed by, you may wake up one day looking just like them. So I take this very seriously, and I’m going to have to give an account for this. What I sow into your life and what your life turns out to be… I’m going to have to stand before God to make sure I sowed the correct seed from His Word to produce the correct life that he wanted produced in your life.

The source: Creflo Dollar.