by Stephanie Clifford (NY Times, 18 Jun 2009)

NY Times ran an article about Reader’s Digest publishers moving towards a more niche, focused market, and aims to centre its articles towards traditional, conservative social values. There is also a move to include more articles related to spirituality, beginning with the launch of Purpose Driven Connection, a quarterly magazine with religious workbooks, training DVDs, membership to social networking sites, and prayer pointers. This is in partnership, of course, with Ps Rick Warren of Saddleback Church. According to Mary Berner, president and chief executive of Reader’s Digest Association,

If the new direction works, Ms. Berner said, she may consider introducing magazines around Rick Warren-like religious personalities, along with increasing the amount of spiritual content in Reader’s Digest itself.

However, the article also goes on to quote Ms Berner as being inclusive and welcoming of all religions and faiths.

“As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care what the religion is, what the spirituality is, as long as it’s legitimate, there’s a built-in community and it’s global,” Ms. Berner said.

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