Knowing God – Theology made relevant in Discipleship today
IDMC 2009 @ Covenant EFC

Session 6 – Developing a biblical worldview

– importance of worldview
– definition of worldview
– what then is a Christian worldview?

Worldview: From default to design

A. Your theology of the WORLD (community)
– 1 Jn 2:15; Jn 3:16
– To be IN the world but not OF the world!

B. Your theology of WORK (calling)
– Neh 5:19
– Don’t confuse your name card with your calling card! (servant & child)

C. Your theology of WEALTH (consumption)
– Matt 6:24
– Life on earth is neither a PARTY nor a CURSE; life on earth is a STEWARDSHIP!

D. Your theology of WELFARE (compassion)
– Deut 15:11
– While compassion supersedes commitment, yet often it is commitment that precedes compassion!

E. Your theology of WHAT’S TO COME (consummation)
– Matt 24:25, 28
– Don’t just be AWAKE – be also ALERT!

– developing a biblical worldview
– your theology of the WORD


We don’t try to be disciples; we train to be disciples – Bill Hull

Our behaviour either confirms or betrays what we believe (really believe, not just what we believe).

Where you live determines how you live.

It is not the important things that make a significant life. A significant life in Christ determines the important things e.g. loving people.