Knowing God – Theology made relevant in Discipleship today
IDMC 2009 @ Covenant EFC

Session 7 – The pursuit of godliness

– re-defining godliness

Three keys to godliness as seen in 2 Peter 1:3-4

A. See what God has granted (2 Pet 1:3a)
– most important faculty of leadership is to SEE
– we must see that godliness is possible
– 3 lessons in this passage: adequacy from God, privilege of God, grace in God

B. Know what God has revealed (2 Pet 1:3b)
– theology is not just propositional, but person-based (revelation)
true versus empty knowledge
– key response to Him: allegiance, happy surrender
– glory of His power, excellence of His grace

C. Believe what God has promised (2 Pet 1:4)
– knowing God: the life of God in the souls of man
– message to the 21st century church: I’m hurt, I doubt, I can’t, I’m too busy

– the pursuit of godliness


The depth of our life determines the quality and breadth of our ministry.

Godliness is God-centeredness, centering God in the center of our lives. Godliness is not just piety, but the life of God in us, a hunger and passion for things pertaining to God.