Had the wonderful privilege of attending the Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS) exhibit when they were in town for a few weeks. Initially I was not expecting much, and figured I would be paying S$20+ to view an individual small exhibit showing a fragment of the DSS. I was amazingly surprised! There were 3 full exhibition halls, one of the DSS, another of OT documents, and the last of NT documents. They had replicas and copies of the Geneva Bible, the first English Bible, the Bibles Luther, Erasmus, Wycliffe used for translations, the first printed Bible, etc. They also had fantastic round-the-clock guided tours for each section led by young curators who quoted historical dates, figures and events like a preacher quoting Scripture. It was definitely worth the trip, and to be part of this tiny part of history, when Singapore hosted the DSS exhibits, and I got to share this experience with my wife, and her siblings.

Click here for some of the photos we took at the exhibit.