by Jenna Lyle (CP, 23 Sep 2009)

Christians growing up in the consumerist generation need help to maintain their faith and live for Jesus as they transition to adulthood, said evangelical leaders at a recent symposium.

They were responding to the results of a survey of young Christians which were unveiled during the Evangelical Alliance council symposium on mission among 18- to 30-year-olds, the so-called “missing generation.”

The survey of 800 young Christians at a Soul Survivor conference found that most were drawn to a church that could provide resources to help them in their own personal faith, followed by one which provided excellent worship or was a place where they could relate to the people.

The characteristics least likely to attract them to a church were being mission-orientated or a safe place to invite friends.

Addressing the council, Soul Survivor’s Mike Pilavachi said that a culture of consumerism, individualism and entitlement had “eaten into the psyche of 20-somethings.”

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