by Darrell Bock (Bock’s Blog, 12 Oct 2009)

Bock interacts with an article published by Telegraph UK, in which Prof. Ellen van Wolde, an OT author and scholar from Radboud University, claims that God is not Creator, according to Genesis.

Bock concludes

Why is this important? Well, because it is God as creator of heaven and earth and of us  that makes us accountable to Him and responsible as stewards for the creation He placed us in. There is an effort today–whether by denying God or by distancing Him from Creation–to reduce the significance of our relationship to God and our obligation to Him. One need only look at Paul’s speech on Mars Hill in Acts 17:16ff. to see that the idea of God as Creator serves as one of the fundamental theological roots for an appeal for people to know their God. So although news is out that God should not be seen biblically as the Creator, one only can embrace that view by ignoring many biblical texts.

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