by Perry Noble (28 Oct 2009)

  1. Pray really small prayers…seriously, don’t ask God for ANYTHING big.  He DID put an interstate highway through a sea, demolished the walls of Jericho and brought the dead back to life…but I’m sure He doesn’t do things like that anymore!  🙂
  2. Celebrate the past WAY more than you anticipate the future, thus becoming a museum and not a movement!
  3. Allow those who have never actually done anything for Jesus dictate to you what they believe you can and can’t do for Him!
  4. Listen and repond to every critic.
  5. Wait until everything makes perfect sense before you make a decision.
  6. Spend more time on blogs than you do in your Bible.
  7. Become more agenda driven than GOSPEL driven!
  8. Actually believe that EVERYONE must be 100% happy with every detail.
  9. Vote!
  10. Become angry/jealous over what God is doing at other places and become hyper focused on all of their problems, thus overlooking your own!