Attended a talk by Erwin McManus, organised by Campus Crusade for Christ, held at The City Church. I must admit I did not have much prior knowledge or understanding of his background, save that I read his profile saying that he was into innovation, creativity and maximising individual or organisational potential.

I was pleasantly surprised by his sharing, and the journey he has taken in coming to Christ, pastoring Mosaic Church, and being involved in the top echelon of the world’s top thinkers and innovators.

Quotes and notes

  • the church is for the world (pastor not paid to be a friend, counsellor, messiah)
  • church members who ask to be fed or discipled (we feed those who feed others)
  • healing comes through serving
  • focus on human creativity and uniqueness
  • unleashing God-given potential vs managing sin
  • involvement in TED (see previous post)
  • technology adoption lifecycle, focusing on top 15% (2.5% innovators, 13.5% early adopters)

Did some background research after the session. Seems Erwin is associated with the emerging church, and has had quite a lot of bad press. Still, there were interesting perspectives that he shared, which is worth considering and reflecting about.

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