I once came across a youth along Orchard Road wearing a T-shirt, which said “Satan lives” on the front. I was surprised nonetheless at the blatant declaration and bold fashion statement made by this young person, whom I figured for an anti-Christian or a heavy metal rocker dude. As he walked past me, and I glanced back once more, I noticed with joy the words on the back of his T-shirt, “but Jesus reigns!” Wow! What a powerful statement! Satan lives, but Jesus reigns!

And that is precisely what we are assured of as we study the book of Revelation. Thankfully, it does not stop with the persecution of the saints, the outpouring of God’s wrath on mankind, or the widespread deception and destruction by Satan. Instead, it ends with the imminent and glorious return of our King, the Lord Jesus Christ, to bring about salvation, judgment, the final defeat of Satan, and to establish His eternal reign in heaven and earth.

Maranatha is made of two Aramaic/Syrian words, maran’atha, meaning “our Lord comes.” It is found in 1 Cor 16:22. As we look at this week’s passage on Revelation 19-20, the Scriptures announce the return of Jesus Christ in all His glory and majesty. The imagery portrayed speaks of His unsurpassed greatness, namely “Faithful and True,” “The Word of God,” “King of kings, and Lord of lords.” Everyone, from the multitudes, to the elders, to the living creatures, cannot but bow in reverent awe and spontaneous praise, saying, “Hallelujah! For the Lord our God, the Almighty, reigns” (Rev 19:6).

Indeed, as we look at the world around, with disease, disaster, depression, and depravity, we might sometimes despair and feel as though Satan indeed is the prince of this world. Yet, God commends us to hope in the Lord, and to long for His coming, for when our King of kings returns, no forces of darkness will withstand His glorious might! There will be no more tears or death or mourning or crying or pain (Rev 21:4), and His kingdom will be firmly established forever. Come, O Lord! Maranatha!