Attended my 2nd Pastors’ Prayer Summit (PPS) from 18-21 Jan 2010. Last year, we went up in 1 car with my senior and 2 other pastors. This year, my senior plus 6 other pastors from our church attended, some went by car, others by coach. The format and structure of this year’s PPS was similar to previous years, with added focus on personal reflection and solitude. There was no one central theme, though several of the messages were in line with the themes of returning to our first love, spiritual disciplines, and our identity in Christ.

One of my pastor friends jokingly commented that this PPS was more like a Malacca Food Festival, as we had many opportunities during mealtimes to venture out onto Malaccan streets to savour the local delights and culinary treats. On the first day, we stopped at Hotel Equatorial for an authentic Peranakan lunch @ Seri Nyonya, including Kerabu Kacang Bendi, Ayam Pongteh, Ikan Gerang Assam, Udang Lemak Nenas, and Sop Hee Peow. On our last night, we managed to find the Teochew sidestreet restaurant open (was closed the previous 2 nights), only to enjoy a simple, homecooked, traditional Teochew-style dinner, including oyster noodles, steamed pomfret, braised duck, stir-fry mixed vegetables with Taiwan sausage, ngoh hiang, sea cucumber with mixed meat sauce, yam paste with pumpkin and gingko, and fresh mango for dessert.

On to spiritual food! There were morning LifeShaper sessions and night Word in Season messages given by senior pastors Lawrence Khong, Lawrence Chua, Derek Hong, and Benny Ho. God spoke to me most through a message by Lawrence Khong on Josh 1:1-9, about divine appointments, inward authenticity and corporate alignment. Will update the sermon summary notes here soon.

  • Ps 45 – Lawrence Khong
  • Mk 6:30-46 – Solitude by Lawrence Chua
  • Josh 1:1-9 – Lawrence Khong
  • Mic 2:12, 13 – Benny Ho
  • Isa 50:6,7; 52:13-15 – Lawrence Khong

The major take-home for me, besides spending focused time seeking God about ministry focus this year, was the challenge of unity within the corporate body of Christ in Singapore, and a common vision of impacting the 7 gates of cultural influence.

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Communication
  • Disadvantaged
  • Education
  • Family
  • Government

One thing I felt was lacking or different from the previous year was times of corporate prayer, sadly, I only remember 1-2 times when we actually split into small groups to pray with and for one another. This year’s PPS felt more of a vision-casting cum spiritual-retreat summit, rather than a prayer summit.