Servanthood and Rest

Freedom from the need to have other people’s approval and praise, and hence the need to be the great hero or heroine (the “Messiah” complex), in true servanthood will produce much rest and peace in the Spirit.

Maintaining healthy boundaries involves having your priorities in place, resulting in the freedom to say yes but not the fear to say no.

Servant Evangelism and Warfare

Kindness … practical acts of mercy done by followers of Jesus who are inspired by the Holy Spirit to see others through the eyes of God.

Servant evangelism consists of deeds of love plus words of love plus adequate time.

Servant warfare … using the power of kindness to penetrate the spiritually darkened hearts of people with the love of God.

We become servants to everyone, as servants of Jesus, in flexible, sensitive, loving outreach, to bring as many people to Christ as possible.

… build relationships with everyone, especially the last, the lost, the least.

We must communicate (the gospel) in a clear, caring, compelling, and compassionate manner.

Intercessory prayer on behalf of the felt needs of the lost is the best way to open their eyes to the light of the gospel.

HP (a High Potency Christian character) + CP (Close Proximity to our friends) + CC (Clear Communication of the gospel message) = MI (Maximum Impact)