Proof of Purchase CampJust got back from our youth camp. This year’s theme was on discipleship, entitled “Proof of Purchase” (POP). For the messages, I focused on the major aspects of the gospel, our salvation, namely Justification, Sanctification and Glorification, looking at the book of Romans, namely chapters, 3, 5, 6 and 8. We also had workshops on Apologetics, Cults, Mentoring and Grey Areas.

Praise God for how He moved and worked in the lives of our youths and leaders. I was most encouraged by the camp comm, led by Abel and Sarah, for their service and leadership both with the comm and the campers. They really rose to the challenge, and led with clear vision and passion through our preparations since mid-year and throughout the camp itself. Many also observed and affirmed how united and initiative the comm was, during meals, games, etc, going all out to help one another and serve in whatever ways needed.

Really thank God for the workshop speakers too, Adeline, Germaine, Renfred, Marcus. They really put in a lot of effort and did a great job of making their sessions engaging, interesting, relevant and timely. I believe all the youths enjoyed and went away learning lots, even the younger ones.

Also really appreciate Ze Ken and Jie for co-ordinating the worship throughout camp, from moving and setting up of equipment, to choosing leaders and songs, to leading a well-thought through and deeply meaningful Omega Night. It was truly Spirit-led and Spirit-filled every worship session we had. I believe God truly used each worship leader, musician, vocalist and AV crew for His glory and praise.

LeadersLastly, would like to thank and affirm all our older youths and TL/ATLs. You guys did a fantastic job leading your groups! It was truly amazing and encouraging to see youths stepping up to take up the challenge of leadership, coming along especially the younger ones as older brothers and sisters in Christ, and even handling the difficult Scripture passages for discussion and QT. I truly believe that as we groom and expose our youths to leadership and service, we will see God strengthen our ministry and LCGs, and He will bring the increase as we faithfully disciple youths and grow leaders for His kingdom.

POP YouthsAll glory and praise to God alone! Many responded during the last night, hearts and minds were renewed and turned back to the Lord, strongholds were broken down, commitments were made. 2 salvations as well, praise the Lord! I thank God for seeing myself through as well, for His anointing and wisdom for the 3 messages, preserving my health (no major illnesses), and for blessing and protecting all our youths throughout, especially in an external venue. We thank God for the favour and support from the Salvation Army staff and volunteers too. All in all, it was a really good camp, and I thank God for everyone who made it possible and gave their all and best to serve God and others. Looking forward to the next one! 😉