There has been quite a bit of discussion and research studies into the difference between reading physical books and ebooks, the debate between paper or plasma/pixels, our paper brain versus our Kindle brain. There are different people supporting either side of the fence, how about yourself? I vacillate between the two – on one hand, I still value and enjoy the feel and experience of reading books (having been influenced and exposed at a young age through my teacher mother); on the other hand, being an early adopter (in some regards), I also see the benefits of ebook reading, especially the space-saving, search/note functions, portability/mobility and cross-compatibility across various web platforms. Will e-reading and e-learning eventually replace real classroom, textbook learning? I doubt it will fully, but increasingly, children and youth are exposed and expected to interact with virtual and tech-savvy platforms as part of their curriculum. Will online news platforms take over physical newspapers? It seems on some level even media companies are including web versions to accommodate younger Millennials and Gen Zs’ learning and reading habits. Church ministries reaching out to younger generations have been forced to adapt and include new forms of media and technology, in the hopes of staying relevant, and connecting to young people. Like it or not, technology, communication and transmission of information will continue to evolve, from caveman drawings, to stone tablets, to papyrus, printing press, to tablets, smartphones and e-readers. What new technology or new media will emerge, evolve in the next 5-10 years? Only the future will tell.

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