Here’s an interesting read at TGC by Chap Bettis, about running a marathon and the parallels, similarities to lessons on parenting.

Parenting is like a marathon. Before the race you are fresh and rested. You start with excitement. But this is not a sprint. There are painful moments. There are times you hit a wall and think you can’t keep going. But one day, it’s over. Infants are grown. Bedrooms are empty. The house is quiet.


  1. The race requires endurance.
  2. Running with others gives strength.
  3. Encouragement makes a big difference.
  4. You will be given needed resources at the right time.
  5. You aren’t competing with others.
  6. Others who care about you are watching.
  7. It’s all about the joy of finishing well.
  8. Keep on running

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