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I had the privilege of having lunch today with the original local blogging pastor (or Blogpastor, as he’s more commonly known), Ps Kenny Chee.

PC: Kenny Chee

I chanced upon his blog whilst starting up my own blogging journey in 2007, where he had already been blogging regularly for a few years, and had quite a good following. Since then, we have had sporadic interactions, exchanges through our blogs and social media, and a few near-misses (being at the same events but not meeting), e.g. Pastors Prayer Summit, him visiting the church I was pastoring youth at.
Finally after 8+ years of virtual friendship, by divine appointment (I only found out the night before through his FB post that we were attending the same conference), we arranged to meet today for the first time over lunch at the EPPI preaching conference. Such is the culture and times these days I guess, where people can somehow be connected, yet disconnected, virtual friends, yet never meeting IRL (in real life). But it is also interesting times, where we can actually meet and cultivate kindred friendships across continents, borders, cultures, churches and denominations via social media and the Internet.

We kind of hit it off quite well from the get-go, perhaps as we have some mutual acquaintances and common backgrounds. He shared about his pastoring journey of 35+ years at WRPF, as well as his challenges and struggles. It was a relatively short time, but I was really encouraged and blessed by this humble and faithful man of God, and in his words, I definitely gleaned some “gold nuggets” of wisdom on life and ministry from him. Interestingly, we never really got down to chat about our common, shared interests of blogs and bikes. But as I was reflecting, writing this post, perhaps it was for the better, as we shared about life and Bible ministry, pastoring and preaching, that which counts for eternity, of lasting eternal value – the Word of God, and the souls of man.

Looking forward to more encounters and interaction in the future! Continuing to keep you, Ps Kenny, your family and your ministry into God’s hands.


Reasons pastors should blog

I chanced on this old article on, on reasons why pastors should blog. It’s a good read, especially for those in ministry. Here’s a summary.

Pastors should blog:

  • To write
  • To teach
  • To recommend
  • To interact
  • To develop an eye for what is meaningful
  • To be known (as a person)

Read the full article here

Another article – 10 reasons pastors should blog

Return of the prodigal blogger

After a 3-year hiatus from WordPress, guess what? The prodigal blogger has returned. Due to my free web hosting provider suddenly suspending my account and blog without notice (and really, without excuse! no good reason, no backup, no more content) and also the resurgence of my blogger spirit which has been dormant or rather stagnant save an occasional event or sharing from FB or Twitter, I have been convicted and decided to migrate back to open-source, free I gave up on my paid hosting plan a while back, and now am still deciding even whether I should still keep my own domain. I’m starting the process also of slowing retrieving old content (basically since I migrated in Jun 2011 up to present day; thankfully because of cross-platforming posting, I should only lose half a year until Feb 2012, from which point I have copies on FB or Twitter). Either way, I will be blogging back here again, hopefully on a more regular or semi-regular basis, so stay tuned!

Since I began serving in full-time ministry, and as the Lord continued to lead and grow me in the area of discipleship and pastoral ministries, it has been an increasing burden and passion to be involved in teaching and training, especially of youths and young adults, the next generations. There is a lack of opportunities for our Christian young people to be educated, equipped and empowered for service and leadership. To this end, the dream of one day beginning a ministry called “Skillful Shepherds Ministries.”

Skillful Shepherds Ministries’ mission is to encourage, equip and empower disciples of Christ for service and leadership. Our vision is God-fearing servant-leaders in all spheres of influence, serving the Lord and leading God’s people with skillful hands and integrity of heart (Ps 78.72). It will begin as a web teaching and resource development ministry, and hopefully, with God’s provision of future funding and resources, it could develop further into local training centres around the globe, with decentralised local trainers, pastors and leaders passing on the gospel, and growing godly disciples and disciple-makers for His glory.

If the Lord moves you to donate and support this growing ministry, please visit

Supporters can also help by visiting, subscribing and publicizing us @ the following:
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Update (19 Aug 2014)
The free web hosting provider I was using recently just suspended my account for over-usage, so I have decided to migrate back to Apologies all for the disruption.

After a month of researching and upgrading my knowledge and use of open source software such as WordPress and Joomla!, and hunting for the best deal and platform for domains and web hosting, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve effectively migrated this blog @  You can find all my old posts intact there. Thank you so much for your support, readership, and partnership in the gospel and Christian ministry. Looking forward to more interactions and dialogue, web partnerships and friendships formed and forged. To God be the glory!

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