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Free or cheap Kindle ebooks at the moment, for the Easter weekend, most on the death and resurrection of Christ.
Free ebooks (as of 26 Mar 2016)
Cheap ebooks (as of 26 Mar, most 80-90% off)
Have a blessed Easter weekend!

Books versus ebooks

There has been quite a bit of discussion and research studies into the difference between reading physical books and ebooks, the debate between paper or plasma/pixels, our paper brain versus our Kindle brain. There are different people supporting either side of the fence, how about yourself? I vacillate between the two – on one hand, I still value and enjoy the feel and experience of reading books (having been influenced and exposed at a young age through my teacher mother); on the other hand, being an early adopter (in some regards), I also see the benefits of ebook reading, especially the space-saving, search/note functions, portability/mobility and cross-compatibility across various web platforms. Will e-reading and e-learning eventually replace real classroom, textbook learning? I doubt it will fully, but increasingly, children and youth are exposed and expected to interact with virtual and tech-savvy platforms as part of their curriculum. Will online news platforms take over physical newspapers? It seems on some level even media companies are including web versions to accommodate younger Millennials and Gen Zs’ learning and reading habits. Church ministries reaching out to younger generations have been forced to adapt and include new forms of media and technology, in the hopes of staying relevant, and connecting to young people. Like it or not, technology, communication and transmission of information will continue to evolve, from caveman drawings, to stone tablets, to papyrus, printing press, to tablets, smartphones and e-readers. What new technology or new media will emerge, evolve in the next 5-10 years? Only the future will tell.

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Ebook Alert

Cheap ebooks (as of 16 Feb 2016)
Help My Unbelief: Why Doubt is Not the Enemy of Faith – Barnabas Piper
AHA: The God moment that changes everything – Kyle Idleman
Contending with Christianity’s Critics – William Craig
Mingling of Souls, The – Matt Chandler
Disciple-Making Church, The – Bill Hull
Love Worth Giving, A – Max Lucado
Overrated – Eugene Cho
Truth Endures – John MacArthur
Complete Works of E. M. Bounds, The – E. M. Bounds

Free ebooks (as of 16 Feb 2016)
Power through prayer – E. M. Bounds
Unknown: The Extraordinary Influence of Ordinary Christians – Matthew Everhard
Foxe’s Book of Martyrs – John Foxe
Heretics (Xist Classics) – G. K. Chesterton
Awakening: How God’s Great Move Inspires & Influences Our Lives Today – Matt Brown
Pursuit of God, The – A. W. Tozer
Standing Strong: How to Resist the Enemy of Your Soul – John MacArthur Jr.
Un-Precious: An Invitation to the Joy of Christian Missions – Matthew Everhard
Making Radical Disciples – Daniel Lancaster
Out of the Dust: Story of an Unlikely Missionary – Avis Goodhart, Marti Pieper
Orthodoxy – G. K. Chesterton
In Search of Persons of Peace – Carolyn Knight
Sermon Crunch – Caleb Breakey
Prayer of Intercession, The – F. B. Meyer
Spiritual Parenting: An Awakening for Today’s Families – Michelle Anthony

Ebook Alert

Cheap ebooks (as of 1 Feb 2016)
TransforMissional Coaching – Steve Ogne, Tim Roehl
Fathered by God: Learning What Your Dad Could Never Teach You – John Eldredge
Prayers That Changed History – Tricia Goyer
Has Christianity Failed You? – Ravi Zacharias
Called to Reach: Equipping Cross-Cultural Disciplers – William Yount, Mike Barnett
Love God with All Your Mind: Thinking as a Christian in the Postmodern World – Gene Edward Veith Jr.
Revelation (New American Commentary) – Paige Patterson
Did You Know?: More Than 6,000 Bible Questions and Answers
– Thomas Nelson
Mapping Out Curriculum in Your Church – James & Karen Estep, M. Roger White
Live to Make A Difference – Max Lucado
Revelation (MacArthur Bible Studies) – John F. MacArthur
In the manger: 25 Inspirational Selections for Advent – Max Lucado
No Wonder They Call Him the Saviour – Max Lucado
The Language of Love and Respect: Cracking the Communication Code with Your Mate – Emerson Eggerichs
Safe in the Shepherd’s Arms: Hope and Encouragement from Psalm 23 – Max Lucado
The Spirit-Filled Life: Discover the Joy of Surrendering to the Holy Spirit – Charles F. Stanley
It’s Not About Me: Rescue From the Life We Thought Would Make Us Happy – Max Lucado
Stuff Christians Like – Jonathan Acuff
Devotions for a Sacred Marriage: A Year of Weekly Devotions for Couples – Gary L. Thomas
The Land Between: Finding God in Difficult Transitions – Jeff Manion
Finishing Our Course with Joy – J. I. Packer
Finishing Well to the Glory of God – MD Dunlop John
Rediscovering Holiness: Know the Fullness of Life with God – J. I. Packer
More Than a Carpenter – Josh, Sean McDowell
The Associate Pastor – Kelli Sallman, Martin Hawkins
The Formation of Christian Doctrine – Malcolm Yamell III
Follow: A Simple and Profound Call to Live Like Jesus – Floyd McClung

Free ebooks
The 30-Day Love Language Minute Devotional Volume 1 – Gary Chapman
The Pursuit of God (Updated Edition) – A. W. Tozer
Daily Wisdom for Women 2016 Devotional Collection – Barbour Staff
Making Radical Disciples – Daniel B. Lancaster
The Parables of Jesus made simple – Matthew Robert Payne
Confessions of a Prayer Slacker (Second Edition) – Diane Moody
Pilgrim’s Progress (Illustrated, Updated, Modern English) – John Bunyan
The History of the Byzantine Empire from 765 to 1057 A.D. – George Finlay
Spurgeon Gems – Charles Spurgeon
Jesus Killed My Church – Randy Bohlender
Getting Unstuck: Moving Beyond What’s Holding You Back – Lilliet Garrision
done: What most religions don’t tell you about the Bible – Cary Schmidt

Ebook Alert

Cheap ebooks (as of 18 Jan 2016)
Created for Influence: Transforming Culture from Where You Are – William Ford
Deeper Places: Experiencing God in the Psalms – Matthew Jacoby
Sound Words: Listening to the Scriptures – Jeremy Carr
Exploring Christian Theology (Volume 1): Revelation, Scripture and the Triune God – Michael Svigel
NIV Case for Christ Study Bible – Lee Strobel
NIV Proclamation Bible – Zondervan
Comedian’s Guide to Theology, A – Thor Ramsey
Christian Bioethics – C. Mitchell, D. Riley
Convictional Civility: Engaging the Culture in the 21st Century – C. Mitchell, Carla Sanderson, Gregory Thornbury (editors)
Developing a Biblical Worldview – C. Fred Smith
Perspectives on the Extent of the Atonement: 3 Views – John Hammett, Grant Osborne, Carl Trueman
Charts for a Theology of Evangelism – Thomas Johnston
New American Commentary: Isaiah 40-66 – Gary Smith
New American Commentary: 2 Corinthians – David Garland
Passion-Driven Sermon, The – James Shaddix
Text-Driven Preaching – David Allen
Faithful Preaching – Tony Merida
Engaging Exposition – Bill Curtis, Daniel Atkin, Stephen Rummage
CrossTalk: Where Life & Scripture Meet – Michael Emlet
Through the Eyes of N. T. Wright – Derek Vreeland

Free ebooks (as of 18 Jan 2016)
The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus – Gary R. Habermas
Questioning Evangelism – Randy Newman
Getting to No: How to break a Stubborn Habit – Erwin W. Lutzer
Return to Authentic Christianity – Chuck Pierce

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