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Ask Pastor Time

As requested, suggested by my church youth leaders, we are starting a short segment called “Ask Pastor Time” every fortnight to address current issues. A question will be put forth and I will attempt to provide a succinct biblical response and how we as Christians should deal with it. Feel free to comment and post questions.

Discipleship resources

A compilation of 25 excellent discipleship resources.

Good article by Carryl Tinsley of Unstuck Group on reaching out as a church to millennials.

1. Give us real answers to our very real questions.
2. Teach us how to study the Bible in an objective way.
3. Engage in difficult conversations with us.

Grateful, not entitled

Great, short post by Pete Wilson. I love this quote,

You can’t be grateful for something that you feel entitled to … the reality is that gratitude begins when your sense of entitlement ends.

He spoke at a conference “The Ultimate Roadtrip” by on this topic of “Gratitude” in summer 2015, and here is the full video (his talk is from 18:42-48:56).

Pete Wilson – Open eyes on your journey
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