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Replacing our parental tendencies

Tim Elmore wrote an excellent post on FB on common parental behaviours we must replace. Here is a summary.

  1. Motivation – Replace FEAR with WISDOM
  2. Evaluation – Replace focus on GRADES with a focus on GROWTH
  3. Schedules – Replace CLUTTER with SIMPLICITY
  5. Feedback – Replace emphasizing BEHAVIOUR with emphasizing BELIEF

Read the full article here.


A good article was recently published on tips for parents of teens in a technology-crazed world. They also talk about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of technology today. Here is a summary.

  1. Anchor your lives in eternal things.
  2. Be aware of the major trends.
  3. Have intentional and honest conversations.
  4. Engage with them in their world.
  5. Develop an understanding about online privacy.
  6. Establish some standards.
  7. Let grace prevail.

Read the full article here.

Tim Challies posted an article on parenting in a digital age.

Summary of key points

  1. Reject ignorance, embrace education
  2. Reject folly, embrace responsibility
  3. Reject fear, embrace familiarity

    Read the full article here.

    Tracking, reading through what’s been said critically about BatB on both camps, especially on a popular pro-family FB page, I think we need to be objective and balanced in our approach towards such issues, and depictions in films and media. This page went to the extreme of labelling BatB as a homosexual-themed movie, and called for boycotts. It obviously got slammed for not being consistent against other issues portrayed such as bestiality and magic, as well as hobby horsing and exaggerating over what was literally only a 3-second implicit scene of the character in question.

    As much as I am saddened by BatB’s director’s open admission of creating this sub-plot and describing it as “a nice, exclusive gay moment” in a Disney movie, this is unlikely the first time, and definitely not going to be the last time.

    Although I disagree with NCCS’ decision to issue a statement about this movie (there are endless others that deserve more attention, focus), I agree somewhat with part of what they advised, that we should be aware of possible influences, exercise discretion in guiding our children, and stay rooted in God’s word in developing a biblical worldview.

    Reviews and critiques:

    BBC Dad

    A clip that has gone viral across the world shows a professor in a BBC video interview talking about North and South Korea when his 2 children (4 and 9 months) wander into his home office, and his wife bursting in to quickly move them out in a bid to salvage the situation.

    Here is the follow-up interview with BBC where we meet and hear from his wife and family, talking about what happened.

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