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Preaching law & grace

It was truly an honour and privilege to sit at the feet of Bryan Chapell these past 2 days at the PT Expository Preaching conference. I was expecting more discussion or focus on differences and challenges regarding handling passages dealing with law and/or grace, and how to balance our preaching not to be legalistic nor hypergraced.

Yet in the end, Bryan shared mostly from the perspective of the importance, value and place of Application in preaching, and also connecting, integrating his Christ-centered approach with the gospel of grace. It was indeed refreshing, aptly timely in my own life and ministry, and at the same time insightful, reflective and challenging.

I managed to catch a short chat with him towards the end of the conference. At the risk of coming across like a fanboy, I managed to get advice, suggestions from him regarding D.Min and Ph.D programs which support distance learning or intensive classes for international students, particularly from a Reformed perspective, and geared more towards pastoral or practical theology. Though he used to teach at Covenant, he actually recommended Knox, which currently he is on faculty amongst others. I also got the privilege of getting him to sign my Christ-centered Preaching book which we used during SBC homiletics days.


Why expository preaching?

Recommended Books

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