CNA, 27 Feb 2010

SM Goh was the guest-of-honour at the official opening ceremony of the new Bartley Christian Church building. He said

inter-faith harmony in Singapore is active, not passive, meaning religious groups make it a point to stay in touch, allowing them to clear up any misunderstandings that may arise.


Singapore is “blessed” because different religious groups are able to co-exist, and because there is inter-faith dialogue … It’s not just passive harmony, but active harmony … We have the Inter-Religious Organisation, where the leaders meet often so that they are in touch with one another, so they are able to very quickly react to any misunderstanding and put things right.

MP Seah Kian Peng added

Let us not forget that our speeches – whether in Parliament, from the pulpit or at community events like these – are heard by many who may not be present at the event. This is, by and large, a good thing … But it also means that we have to be prepared to defend our statements and our views to a larger audience. We can usefully put forward our own positions and views without running others down.

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